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Business Consultants for a Growth Mindset

We embody the relentless determination, strength, and ferocity of the Honey Badger in our approach to transforming ambitious agency teams. Just like the Honey Badger, we thrive on challenges and are known for our ability to navigate through the toughest situations.​

Honey Badger Spirit

We go beyond conventional consulting to immerse ourselves in the heart of your growth journey. Our seasoned professionals step into temporary leadership roles within your team, providing advice and hands-on solutions to propel your agency forward.

Strategic Consulting

Resilient African Honey Badger – Symbolizing strength and determination, inspiring Take On Lions' consultancy.

Take On Lions is not just a consultancy; it's a force of nature. Inspired by the African Honey Badger, our team is dedicated to helping agency owners and founders overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success.


Our founder brings over 15 years of industry experience, combining real-life career insights with cutting-edge training in Business Development, Business Operations, and entrepreneurial methodologies.

Unleashing Potential

Isn't it time for your business to get unstuck? Your greatest success is just around the corner.

Our consultancy embodies the spirit of the African Honey Badger. It's a spirit we see, and actively look to activate, in ambitious, growing agency teams.


Honey Badgers are notorious for their strength and are ferocious in the pursuit of their goals. They are renowned for their toughness and their ability to twist and turn their way out of trouble. They are small but built for battle, highly intelligent and highly adaptable.


They have been known to take on a pride of lions and win.

Why Take On Lions?

  • Strength in Diversity: We thrive on our diverse skill set, offering expertise in operations, process optimization, system implementation, and team leadership.

  • Battle-Tested Wisdom: Drawing inspiration from the Honey Badger's resilience, we have faced and conquered challenges, providing battle-tested solutions to propel your agency forward.

  • Global Perspective: Our knowledge extends beyond conventional boundaries, incorporating insights from leading entrepreneurial methodologies worldwide.

The Story of Take On Lions

  • Foster a culture of growth by establishing teams with clear accountability, defined hierarchy, and structured progression paths.

  • Instill a mindset of continuous improvement, transforming your team into a dynamic force ready to tackle the demands of scaling.

Team Transformation

  • Conduct a thorough audit of operational blockers across teams and systems to pinpoint inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

  • Implement actionable plans to resolve issues permanently, ensuring sustained operational excellence.



  • Access the expertise of seasoned agency professionals to fill crucial leadership roles on a temporary or part-time basis.

  • Our consultants integrate seamlessly with your team, offering strategic guidance to navigate operational challenges.

Leadership Augmentation

  • Learn the art of conducting outcome-driven meetings, reducing the frequency while maximising impact.

  • Streamline communication channels, ensuring that your team stays focused on essential tasks with fewer, more impactful meetings.

Mastering Meetings

  • Document and streamline your operational processes, providing clarity to your team and enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Optimise processes to eliminate redundancies, facilitating a seamless and agile operational environment.

Process Optimisation

  • ​Identify and measure key performance indicators that truly matter for business visibility.

  • Collaborate with our experts to set and achieve financial targets, aligning your agency's growth trajectory with its financial objectives.



Focus Areas

Tailored Solutions for Every Challenge

Iconic African Honey Badger – Inspiring resilience, embodying Take On Lions' commitment to overcoming challenges
African Honey Badger symbolizing resilience and strength, inspiring Take On Lions' consultancy approach

Agency Accelerator

Strategic Scaling:

Navigate the complexities of growth with our expertise in operations and team leadership.


Bottleneck Busters:

Identify and eliminate obstacles that hinder your agency's ability to scale.


Proven Methodologies:

Benefit from our real-life experience and training in leading entrepreneurial strategies.

Brand Builder

ICP Definition:

Define your Ideal Customer Profile to enhance targeting precision.


Holistic Strategy:

Craft a comprehensive channel, content, and marketing strategy for your brand's growth.


Dynamic Solutions:

Leverage our adaptability and intelligence to address evolving brand challenges.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from our clients. See client stories for more.

She delivered a comprehensive strategy, which evolved to give us close to 20% across our KPI metrics...which is proving to be extremely successful to our overall growth and development. 

Managing Director - The Escape Agency

The results of this contributed to some of our best retained revenue stats of all time. It was a pleasure working with Zoe - her work ethic, determination, attitude and organisation were unparalleled.

Highly recommend!

Commercial Director - We Make Websites

She improved our processes and initiated the rebuild of our team structure. Most of these solutions are still being used at Tailify today, and have made a big impact on capacity, team spirit and performance, and consequently our business results.

Co-Founder.- Tailify Software Ltd

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