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Helping you make the right decision.

Take On Lions offers two distinct and powerful consultancy services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business:.

Agency Accelerator

We immerse ourselves in the heart of your agency's growth journey. Our seasoned professionals step into temporary leadership roles within your organisation, providing not just advice, but hands-on solutions.


  1. Leadership Augmentation

  2. Operational Audit

  3. Team Transformation for Growth

  4. Process Optimisation

  5. Meetings Mastery

  6. Financial Targets

Honey Badger – A symbol of resilience, embodying the determined spirit that propels Take On Lions' consultancy
African Lion – Majestic symbol of leadership, reflecting the powerful essence embraced by Take On Lions consultancy

Brand Builder

Our Brand Builder offering is designed to empower and scale brands by providing comprehensive solutions that encompass every aspect of growth.

  1. Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Definition

  2. Holistic Strategy Crafting

  3. Marketing Development

  4. Operational Efficiency

  5. Adaptive Solutions

Client Stories

Working in and with Agencies for over 15 years in Client Services, Business Development, Commericials, Strategy and at Board Level.

A selection of recent Agency Growth impacts and client testimonials.

A London-based influencer marketing agency that combines the power of influence with the science of human behaviour. An agency in hyper-growth and scaling mode since 2020.

Client: Tailify

  • Audited, selected and shortlisted the best-fit agency management software system

  • Developed new ways of assessing client RAG and pipeline visibility

  • Revised the delivery team organogram to enhance capabilities across retained commercial growth and project management

Year: 2021

"Zoe is highly intelligent and efficient and came with vast experience in building high performance teams and client service operations. She quickly identified areas where we could improve. Specifically, she proposed and implemented solutions that increased the visibility of our operations."

Co-Founder, Tailify

Client Reference

A leading London Shopify Plus e-commerce agency, designing, developing and growing e-commerce stores for some of the world's leading brands. 

Client: We Make Websites

  • Revamped the client service process, made operational improvements in time logging, billable vs non billable

  • Trained the team on 4 key areas of client management: onboarding, management, growth and off-boarding

Year: 2021

“The results of this contributed to some of our best retained revenue stats of all time. It was a pleasure working with Zoe - her work ethic, determination, attitude and organisation were unparalleled.

Highly recommend!"

Commercial Director, We Make Websites

Client Reference

A full service agency made up of strategists, designers and technologists, partnering with purpose-driven organisations to drive audience connections and boost bottom line results.

Client: The Escape

  • ​Developed new service process, way of selling and supported launch to clients

  • Migrated the agency to a Google first business

  • Created a new revenue stream, enabling them to scale, pitch and win new types of business and grow overall in revenue and profitability

Year: 2020

“Delivered a comprehensive strategy, which evolved to give us 20% across our KPI metrics. She championed new capabilities into the agency, enabling a new department, which is proving to be extremely successful to our overall growth." 

Managing Director, The Escape

Client Reference

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