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Our Story

At Take On Lions, we embody the relentless determination, strength, and ferocity of the Honey Badger in our approach to transforming ambitious agency teams. Just like the Honey Badger, we thrive on challenges and are known for our ability to navigate through the toughest situations.

We specialize in activating the Honey Badger spirit within your team, enabling you to tackle operational, process, and people challenges head-on. Our 15+ years of hands-on experience leading and developing agency teams make us the ideal ally for your journey to agency growth..

Our Team

Zoe Pedersen

Principle Consultant

A leader with over 18 years experience working within agencies.


Zoe is an experienced agency professional with years of experience in developing, growing and leading client, commercial, growth and delivery teams, coaching and mentoring managers, Heads of Department and has acted at shareholder, General Manager and at agency exco board level for over 10 years.

She has specialised in elevating operational, system, process and team dynamics within agencies and has successfully helped agencies unlock revenue, scale their teams, launch new billable service offerings and capture new potential business.

In addition:


  • Developed brand and marketing strategies for the likes of adidas, The Body Shop, Monster Energy, The World Economic Forum, Nestle and Disney Africa.

  • Bachelor of Business, majored in communications

  • Post Grad in Marketing and Advertising Communications 

  • Google Analytics certified and holds many other certifications across digital marketing disciplines including being certified in ClickUp, Hubspot and other key agency tools.


Consultant Network

  • A former MD of an award winning agency in Hampshire with over 30 years experience in scaling business, crafting successful new business proposals and developing agency operations.

  • An ecommerce expert with over 10 years experience in crafting shopping strategies and leveraging best-fit mar-tech in the DTC space.

  • A performance marketing specialist experienced in all things Google and digital having developed SEO, paid search, social and CRO campaigns for some of the worlds best known brands.

  • An experienced HR, talent and recruitment leader with over 8 years in HR, people development; a certified Mental Health First Aider with a passion for employee culture in the workplace.

Our Approach

Our approach to consultancy is distinguished by its hands-on, fractional leadership model. We don't just advise from the sidelines; we immerse ourselves in your agency or brand, becoming an integral part of your team.


Through fractional leadership, our seasoned professionals seamlessly integrate into your organisation, filling temporary or part-time leadership roles with precision and expertise. This approach allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of your challenges, leading to targeted solutions and tangible plans that get you unstuck.


Whether it's guiding agency teams through operational complexities or propelling brands into the spotlight, our fractional leadership ensures a dynamic and adaptive partnership. We empower your team to focus on the business of growth while providing rigorous structures and strategic direction that withstand the pressures of scaling. 

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